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Join the Messina Hof Wine Club!

Take advantage of your VIP status! Join the Messina Hof Wine Club, where you can have wines shipped right to you! There are many options available so that you can get what the type of wines that you will enjoy … Continue reading

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French vs Texas Wine: Which is Better?

The Texas wine industry is huge and continuing to grow rapidly, yet many people still believe that French wine is of better quality.  The truth is that Texas wines are better!  The same grapes that grow in France will grow … Continue reading

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Wine Away: The Ultimate Stain Fighter

Have you ever had a perfectly good article of clothing ruined by a red wine or grape juice stain?  It’s time to say goodbye to those days! Put down that seltzer, there’s a better way: If you spill red wine … Continue reading

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Wine Mulling Spices: A Fall Treat

Wine Mulling Spices are used to create a warm, wine drink.  The spices create a wonderful aroma, and you are sure to enjoy every sip on a crisp, Fall evening.  Simply choose your favorite red or white wine from Messina … Continue reading

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Champagne 101

Q:  How long can you store Champagne? A: Champagne should be consumed in 3 or less years. Q: What wine is the best replacement for Champagne? A: Champagne comes in many styles.  If you prefer a drier style, I recommend … Continue reading

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Ask the Expert

Three Questions for Merrill Bonarrigo, co-founder of Messina Hof Winery & Resort What’s been the biggest change in the Texas wine industry since you opened your winery?   It’s the image of Texas wine to the world. We went from … Continue reading

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We are rolling out the red carpet and bringing in the New Year with a night at the Oscars. Come join us at Messina Hof as we welcome 2010 the classy way.  Enjoy great food, award winning wines, and entertainment. … Continue reading

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Messina Hof’s Dry White Wines

Wine                               Flavor Components Chardonnay                    Vanilla, Toast, Pineapple,Pear Sauvignon Blanc             Figs, Peaches, Melon Pinot Grigio                     Creamy Citrus, Sesame, Orange Sparkling Wine –Brut     Pear, Pineapple, Apple Serving Temperatures: 50 to 55 F Label Color: Sapphire Blue Depicts a white wine or dry, crisp, savory … Continue reading

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History of South American Wines

Grape vines of Chile and Argentina were planted by missionaries from Spain with the conquistadores in the mid-sixteenth century. Vineyards were planted in 1551 and the first records of wine being produced in Chile are from 1555. As the country’s … Continue reading

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Vertical and Horizontal Tasting

Okay, no groaning – this isn’t a geometry lesson! Every wine lover should learn these two terms and how they relate to wine: vertical tasting & horizontal tasting. A vertical tasting comprises wines made of the same varietal from the … Continue reading

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