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What is a Full Bodied Wine?

The body of a wine refers to the fullness, weight and concentration and total mouth feel of a wine. It is generally related to the amount of alcohol it contains, the more alcohol, the fuller the body. A light-bodied wine … Continue reading

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Family Scapbook

Greetings!  This week we are reflecting on family history and celebrating our many blessings.  Paul V. and Merrill are currently cruising around the Mediterranean with a group of our fabulous VIPs for the annual Messina Hof Wine Cruise.  Last year … Continue reading

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Can Wine be Healthy?

If you love to drink Messina Hof wine and love to stay healthy, you’re in luck! We have found some great information on the health benefits of drinking wine!  Through many years of making wine, we have come to find … Continue reading

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Can You Serve White Wines with Beef?

The old culinary claim that red wine is best for beef and white wine is favored for fish and poultry has disappeared. Today, most people believe that wine and food combinations should be what one likes the best. As a … Continue reading

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Mediterrean Dishes

Are you looking for new recipes to try for dinner? Try traveling the world from your kitchen! There are many savory dishes that are served around the world. Have you tried Pesce Spada, a Sicilian style swordfish dish, or Abbacchio, … Continue reading

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Portuguese Hospitality, Infante Sagre

Hotel Infante Sagres is Oporto’s Neo-Baroque landmark hotel. Not only was the interior of heavily carved furnishings blended with unique contemporary art furnishings. These “art” furnishings were exhibited and for sale in the hotel. Additionally, we were struck with the similarity of the … Continue reading

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Revelation 2: To the Church in Ephesus

1 “To the angel of the church in Ephesus write:    These are the words of him who holds the seven stars in his right hand and walks among the seven golden lampstands. 2 I know your deeds, your hard … Continue reading

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Wedding Season is Coming!

Wedding season is upon us. Three weddings in one weekend and a tremendous staff to execute them flawlessly are blessings for Messina Hof.  Every bride wants a dream wedding. It takes special people to help make that happen. Our event coordinators … Continue reading

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What Does it Mean When a Wine is Corked?

A corked wine is a wine that has been bottled with a cork that is contaminated with TCA (2,4,5-trichloroanisole).  TCA contamination usually comes from corks but can also come from barrels, other cooperage or even apparently from wood within the … Continue reading

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New Messina Hof Chiller Bags

Summer is getting close and the retail center at Messina Hof is ready. With our new Messina Hof Logo Wine Chiller Bags that afternoon picnic in the vineyard or even that trip to the beach will be much more enjoyable with … Continue reading

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