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10 Facts About Messina Hof Ports

In honor of our upcoming Harvest Festival, here are a few facts about the Messina Hof Ports! Each of our Ports are unique in their own way and have a interesting stories setting them apart from the rest. Enjoy! One of Messina Hof’s … Continue reading

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“A Tribute to the Winemaker” – About the Papa Paulo Port Label

Messina Hof is well known for its Port wines and it’s no wonder why they’re a popular pick. Not only are these delicious dessert wines crafted from the Lenoir grape grown at the Estate in Bryan, Texas, they’re the first ports in the … Continue reading

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The Tradition of Harvest Festival

Messina Hof lives by three cornerstones: family, tradition, and romance – one of its longest standing traditions is the Harvest Festival which encompasses it all. Harvest 1983 The Festival is annual old-world tradition that allows guests an inside look at … Continue reading

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Five Reasons to Drink Wine in a Can

Summer is officially in full swing! Keep the season rolling with Messina Hof’s canned wines! Pick between Rosé and Beau… or have them both! The two cans The rosé is a light bodied dry wine with perfect subtle hints of strawberry and orange while Beau is the sweeter … Continue reading

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