Let’s Talk Bubbly!

A bottle of bubbly and ringing in the New Year is the perfect pairing. Not only is NYE the biggest day for sparkling wine consumption, the tradition of celebrating with a sparkling wine toast has been happening for centuries. While you’re enjoying a celebratory glass on December 31st, impress your friends with these 5 sparkling wine terms…

Riddling: The process of rotating sparkling wine bottles in order to shift sediment towards the cork.

Dosage: A sweetened spirit added at the very end of Champagne and other traditionally made sparkling wines. It determines whether a wine is brut, extra dry, dry or semisweet.

Brut: A French term used to describe the driest sparkling wines.

Blanc de Blanc: Sparkling wines made exclusively with white grapes.

Second Fermentation:  The process that creates the bubbles in sparkling wine. As the wine is bottled, a small amount of yeast and sugar is added before the bottle is sealed with a sturdy crown cap. The yeasts quickly start fermenting the sugars, producing alcohol and carbon dioxide. Since the gas cannot escape, it dissolves into the wine.

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