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The wait is almost over! We’re just 2 weeks out from our 43rd annual Harvest Festival, and this season’s fruit is looking ‘Wine in a Million’! At the Messina Hof Estate Vineyard in Bryan, Texas we grow 3 types of grapes: Lenoir, Sagrantino, and Blanc du Bois. In honor of harvest season’s arrival, we’ve put together some facts about each of the grapes we’ll be picking this season. Read below!


• Lenoir grapes are also referred to as Black Spanish grapes.

• Lenoir is grown at the Messina Hof Estate located in Bryan, TX along with Messina Hof Hill Country Winery in Fredericksburg, TX.

• Lenoir thrives in hot, humid environments due to its strong resistance to Pierce’s Disease.

•  Messina Hof Private Reserve Papa Paulo Port, Barrel Reserve Port, Paulo Port, Tawny Port, and Ebony Ports of Call are all made from our Lenoir grapes.


•  Messina Hof’s founder, Paul Vincent, acquired our 1st Sagrantino vine cuttings from the University of California at Davis. The university told Paul they had vines on import marked Primitivo, but DNA tests discovered they were really Sagrantino!

• The vine cuttings were dispersed and planted throughout the Texas High Plains and at Messina Hof Estate in Bryan, Texas.

• Messina Hof was the first Texas winery to produce a Sagrantino with the release of the 2014 vintage of Paulo Sagrantino in 2015.

• Only 3% of Sagrantino grown in the world is grown outside of Italy.

Blanc du Bois

• Blanc du Bois means “White Grape of the Wood,” but it is in no way connected to the woods. Instead, it was created by John Mortensen at the University of Florida, by crossing native Florida grapes with European Vitis Vinifera grapes.

• Blanc Du Bois can be found growing only in the United States, specifically in Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida.

• The citrus acidity and clean finish from this grape allows for perfect pairings with light dishes.

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