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Have A Wine-derful Time at Messina Hof Hill Country Harvest Festival

This past weekend we finished harvesting at our Messina Hof Estate in Bryan, but you still have one last chance to become a part-time winemaker with us! Just a day-trip away is our most traditional Harvest Festival, Messina Hof Hill Country Harvest Festival – we still have tickets left to our Daytime Harvest event on Saturday, August 22nd! At our MHHC Harvest Festival, ALL of our grapes are hand-picked and stomped by foot.

We will be processing the entire vineyard on the weekend of our Harvest Festival, using a traditional style basket press, which squeezes the juices out of the grapes, and we will be going through each winemaking step. We encourage you to come out and watch the process!

Speaking of Harvest… 

Our Harvest Festival at our Messina Hof Estate Winery in Bryan was such a sweet success. We harvested lots of grapes, safely picked and stomped together, and made long-lasting memories.

Our fruit was of exceptional quality, and we can’t wait to use it in our 2020 Ports!

Thank you all for your flexibility and support, as we celebrated Harvest Festival like never before!

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