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Let’s Raise A Glass!
Wine Glass Class

With the days becoming shorter, and our evenings of unwinding and entertaining becoming longer now is the time to reach up into those kitchen cabinets and bring down the confusing world of wine glasses. Read our Wine Glasses 101 guide below and discover what type of glass works best for you.

The type of glass that you use can dramatically enhance the flavor of your wine. The space of the glass above the wine collects aromas, which help your brain pick out all the delicious flavors!

Grand Vin Glass
This glass is universal and can be used for both red and white wines. With a wide-diameter rim, you are guaranteed to smell even the subtlest of notes in your wine!

Stemless Wine Glass
Trendy and easy to hold, this glass is easy on the eyes…and the dishwasher! Stemless glasses catch aromas similarly to classic wine glasses, but they can feel easier to hold and use when entertaining.

Connoisseur Flute
The shape of the Connoisseur Flute helps preserve bubbles, keeping your glass of sparkling wines effervescent and crisp. Using this style of glass, you can be sure to feel elegant and posh with your flute in hand!

Dessert Wine Glass
A traditional Dessert Wine Glass can help prevent the further oxidization of your Port, and as an after-dinner treat, Port, rich in flavor and alcohol may be best served in smaller amounts!

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