Halloween is Almost Here!
Spooktacular Party Tips

This Halloween season, we’re grabbing our closest friends, turning on our spookiest playlist, and enjoying our favorite Messina Hof Hallowine at an at-home party like never before! Read on to learn how to add extra special touches to creep it real fun as you skelebrate!

1. Choose a Fa-Boo-Lous Wine
(And Make Sure It’s the Right Temp!)
To fully celebrate Messina Hoftober, uncork wines that are reminiscent of the fall season! We recommend:

Messina Hof Private Reserve Tempranillo: Soft aromas of vanilla, dried leaves, and sandalwood with flavors of bold dark cherry and plum | Chill for 25 minutes and serve at 65°

Messina Hof Private Reserve Blanc Du Bois: Dry, crisp flavors of green apple with delightful floral notes of dandelion | Chill for 1.5 hours and serve at 45°

Messina Hof Ebony Ports of Call: Flavors of sweet, sophisticated vanilla, cinnamon, and rich dark chocolate covered cherry | Chill for 20 minutes and serve at 65°

2. Uncork Festive Possibilities
Our time in quarantine left us with a cork…. or two… or three… (Okay fine. We have drunk a few bottles of wine.) Put your corks to good use with a little creativity and glue! Make spiders, pumpkins, leaves, or whatever you can imagine!

Buy Corks Here

Pumpkin Cork Hallo-wine Craft Tutorial

3. DIY In Advance, So You Can Chill All Night
Try this ice bucket DIY to give your guests pumpkin to talk about. Simply hollow out a pumpkin and put a bowl inside. Now sit back and let the ghost stories do the haunting!


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