Cab Driver from the airport – New York Trip

Paul was a cab driver in New York when he was in school.  It was fascinating to watch how quickly he connected with the drivers.  Our cab driver from Islip to Port Jefferson told us about Long Island.  He said was once covered with potato farms and duck farms.  Now vineyards and commerce have taken over.  Long Island potatoes were once sold everywhere.

Fire Isand and the Hamptons were very close and during the summer, he said, you cannot even get flights due to vacationers from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  He went on to say that MacArthur Airport was a tiny little airport until Southwest Airlines came in from Texas.  Texas brought prosperity and tourism.

Paul told him that that area actually looked allot like our area of Texas.  The cab driver said, “You have trees in Texas?”  Why does everyone think of Texas as dry, arid, rocky, and with tumbleweeds rolling around?

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