Champagne 101

Q:  How long can you store Champagne?

A: Champagne should be consumed in 3 or less years.

Q: What wine is the best replacement for Champagne?

A: Champagne comes in many styles.  If you prefer a drier style, I recommend an un-oaked Chardonnay as most Champagnes are made from Chardonnay.  If you prefer a fruitier style, I recommend a Muscat Canelli or Riesling.  If you prefer pink, I recommend the Mama Rosa Rose’.

Q: Why don’t we make it here anymore?

A: Messina Hof is not set up for mass production.  However we do work with a Sparkling wine house to produce our own sparkling wine.  Only a French company can use the term Champagne.  All other countries must call it sparkling wine.

Q: Why do they turn bottles of champagne during storage?

A: Riddling is done to allow the yeast to move to the cork end of the bottle.  Champagne is turned prior to removal of yeast. 



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