Messina Hof’s Simple Sangria Spritzer

Sangria 1

On Sunday, February 28th,  over 300 Messina Hof VIPs and guests celebrated winery founder Paul Vincent Bonarrigo’s 69th birthday! In honor of this special occasion, Messina Hof’s created a Sangria bar complete with fresh fruit (grown in Merrill’s garden at Messina Hof Bryan) and our own Sangria. After many requests, we are sharing our recipe for Messina HSangria 2of’s Simple Sangria Spritzer…

Ingredients: Messina Hof Sangria, chilled lemon lime soda, thinly sliced orange, lemon and pineapple

Directions: First, put freshly cut lemon, orange or pineapple slices in a wine glass. Next, add a splash of your favorite lemon lime soda and fill to the top with Messina Hof’s Sangria! (Tip: Place the Sangria bottle on ice approximately 30 minutes prior to serving) We hope you enjoy this easy and delicious party drink!

VIP Bash

Cheers! To purchase Sangria online click here.

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