Cork Hallo-wine Craft

Hocus pocus, it’s time to focus and get crafting.

24 Corks
Hot Glue Gun
Twine Yarn
Acrylic Paint (optional)

How to:
Gather up your corks. For the perfect pumpkin, you will need 24. Don’t have enough? This seems like a worthy reason to drink another bottle of wine…

Use hot-glue to adhere the corks together with the uncolored sides facing one direction and the wine-stained sides facing the other direction.

Glue a cork to the top to look like a stem!

Showcase the side of the pumpkin you prefer (natural or wine-stained) then tie the twine into a bow facing the front.

Want a different color scheme? Between steps 1 and 2, paint your corks fun, fall colors!

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