Make Your Quarantine Activities 21+!

Messina Hof’s Rainy Day Quarantine Guide

In Texas, the weather seems to have a mind of its own, and you can experience 4 seasons, all in 1 day! Assuming that the forecast actually plays out as predicted, it looks to be a rainy weekend here in the Lone Star State. No matter if you prefer sweet or dry wine, you’re sure to stay dry and entertained with our favorite Rainy Day Quarantine Activities and Canned Wine pairings!

You can find our canned wines at our Winery locations, in select stores, or online, here.

Relax and read with Rosso

As the rain comes down, cozy up in a nook with your favorite book or magazine and canned Rosso. As the story unfolds before you, ripe cherries and delicate nuances of plum burst on the palate, ensuring your afternoon will end happily ever after. If anyone asks, you’re simply well ‘red’.

Bake Treats with Bubbly Peach Moscato

While the yeast is bubbling, drink a glass of bubbly! Feel like a smart cookie, and treat yourself to the sweet and refreshing tropical flavors of our Messina Hof Canned Bubbly Peach Moscato. As you whisk away, be whisked away to the sun and sand with this Fredericksburg peach-filled sip in hand.

Please Note: Our Bubbly Peach Moscato can only be found at Messina Hof Winery Locations.

Have A Movie Date-Night with Your Beau

While 6 feet apart, let this sweet sip steal your heart! Dim the lights, turn on your favorite film, and cozy up, as rich blackberries and wildflowers take you on the adventure of a lifetime — all from the comfort of your couch!

Solve Puzzles with Off-Dry Style Rosé

Put your thinking cap on and your problem-solving skills to the test with a little help from our off-dry style Rosé! Flavors of strawberries and oranges fit perfectly together, the only missing piece is you!

• • • • • •

And if the rain stays away, guess what – Messina Hof cans are the perfect way to enjoy your wine outside on a sunny, spring day!

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