NEW Bonarrigo Family Wines

Introducing Bonarrigo Family Wines: Heritage Series
7 Generations And A Legacy Of Ambition


The Bonarrigo Family began making wine in Messina, Sicily over 200 years ago. For Seven Generations, the Bonarrigos have produced wines of passion and heart. The tradition started in Italy, took root in America, and today the family continues crafting soulful wines in Texas while honoring its Italian lineage. We are proud to share our NEW Bonarrigo Family Wines, celebrating our long-standing Italian heritage and family traditions.

These prestigious Old-World style wines are crafted solely from Italian varietals, grown in Texas. Join our table and experience the heart and passion of seven generations of winemaking with each sip. Read below to learn more.

The Bonarrigo Family today. From left to right, Sophia, Paul Anthony, Karen, Paul Mitchell, Paul Vincent, and Merrill.

Historical photo of the Bonarrigo Family.

Heritage Select at the Estate Vineyard in Bryan, TX.

Heritage Reserve at the Estate Vineyard in Bryan, TX.

Bonarrigo Family Wines Heritage Select
A blend of Pinot Grigio and Trebbiano with delicate aromas of honeysuckle and white flowers. Crisp citrus flavors and bright acidity are complemented by smooth tropical flavors and a medium body.

Bonarrigo Family Wines Heritage Reserve
A bold blend of traditional Sagrantino, Primitivo, and Sangiovese with savory nuances of herbs and spice. Beautiful dark fruit flavors and tannins coat the palate with elegant complexity.

Experience the Messina Hof Bonarrigo Family Wine Collection Now.

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