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Harvest Festival Looks Different In The Hill Country!
MHHC Harvest Festival


While you have come to know and love our Harvest Festival at Messina Hof Estate in Bryan, TX, you may not know all that our Messina Hof Hill Country Harvest Festival has to offer, taking place August 21st and 22nd.

Today we are taking a behind-the-scenes look at what makes our Hill Country Harvest Festival special.

1. Location, Location, Location.

Messina Hof Hill Country is located right off 290 in Fredericksburg, making it the perfect destination for your next weekend getaway. Book a stay at one of our private Manor Haus B&Bs to enjoy beautiful views of the hill country and surrounding woods.

2. Unique Vineyard

Spacing: Our vineyard set-up is atypical of the Hill Country area. The vineyard rows are set closer together, allowing one to have a more in-depth, educational experience that harkens back to the traditions of Old-World style vineyards.

Head-Trained: Our Lenoir is head-trained, as opposed to being on a Vertical Shoot Position trellis system. This means that instead of our grapes growing in rows on wires and stakes like a hedge, our Lenoir grapes grow from short trunks, in the shape of goblets or umbrellas.

3. Traditional Winemaking

At Messina Hof Hill Country, all of our grapes are hand-picked and stomped by foot. We will be processing the entire vineyard on the weekend of our Harvest Festival, August 21st and 22nd, using a traditional style basket press, which squeezes the juices out of the grapes, and we will be going through each winemaking step. We encourage you to come out and watch the process!

4. Fortification

While the Lenoir we pick at the Messina Hof Estate Harvest Festival is made into Port with natural fermentation, the Lenoir at Messina Hof Hill Country is made into Port using the traditional Portuguese-style fortification. This means that we add Brandy.

5. A Personal and Intimate Feel
Our Hill Country Harvest festival sees smaller crowds, allowing you to have a more up-close experience with the Bonarrigo family as they pick and process the grapes right on property.

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