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Have A Wine-derful Time at Messina Hof Hill Country Harvest Festival

This past weekend we finished harvesting at our Messina Hof Estate in Bryan, but you still have one last chance to become a part-time winemaker with us! Just a day-trip away is our most traditional Harvest Festival, Messina Hof Hill Country Harvest Festival – we still have tickets left to our Daytime Harvest event on Saturday, August 22nd! At our MHHC Harvest Festival, ALL of our grapes are hand-picked and stomped by foot.

We will be processing the entire vineyard on the weekend of our Harvest Festival, using a traditional style basket press, which squeezes the juices out of the grapes, and we will be going through each winemaking step. We encourage you to come out and watch the process!

Speaking of Harvest… 

Our Harvest Festival at our Messina Hof Estate Winery in Bryan was such a sweet success. We harvested lots of grapes, safely picked and stomped together, and made long-lasting memories.

Our fruit was of exceptional quality, and we can’t wait to use it in our 2020 Ports!

Thank you all for your flexibility and support, as we celebrated Harvest Festival like never before!

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LAST CHANCE! Swing By and Save BIG!

Summer Stock Up Sale Ends Friday
Bringing You A Sip-erb End to Summer


Our Stock Up for Summer Discount ends TOMORROW! Whether you’re prepping for post home-school evenings or celebrating the end of summer with one last big hurrah, don’t miss out on your last chance to try several Messina Hof wines at a huge discount!

With every purchase of 12 bottles or more, guests will receive a 15% discount, and VIP and Wine Club members will receive a 30% discount.

*This discount is ONLY available for Curbside Pick-Up and Local Delivery.

Selected bottles must be $35 or less. Call your local Messina Hof to place an order today!

Bryan: (979) 778-9463 ext. 223
Grapevine: (817) 442-8463
Hill Country: (830) 990-4653

Not sure which Messina Hof wines to try? Here are our 5 current favorite Summer Sips!

1. Canned Wine
Bubbly Peach Moscato • Rosé • Beau • Rosso

2. Pinot Grigio
Citrus Zest • Pear • Mineral

3. Sauvignon Blanc
Lemon Grass • White Peach • Melon

4. Orange Muscat Mistella
Orange Zest • Honey • Lemon Peel

5. Bonarrigo Family Wines Heritage Select
Honeysuckle • White Flowers • Tropical Fruits

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The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of…

Harvest Festival Looks Different In The Hill Country!
MHHC Harvest Festival


While you have come to know and love our Harvest Festival at Messina Hof Estate in Bryan, TX, you may not know all that our Messina Hof Hill Country Harvest Festival has to offer, taking place August 21st and 22nd.

Today we are taking a behind-the-scenes look at what makes our Hill Country Harvest Festival special.

1. Location, Location, Location.

Messina Hof Hill Country is located right off 290 in Fredericksburg, making it the perfect destination for your next weekend getaway. Book a stay at one of our private Manor Haus B&Bs to enjoy beautiful views of the hill country and surrounding woods.

2. Unique Vineyard

Spacing: Our vineyard set-up is atypical of the Hill Country area. The vineyard rows are set closer together, allowing one to have a more in-depth, educational experience that harkens back to the traditions of Old-World style vineyards.

Head-Trained: Our Lenoir is head-trained, as opposed to being on a Vertical Shoot Position trellis system. This means that instead of our grapes growing in rows on wires and stakes like a hedge, our Lenoir grapes grow from short trunks, in the shape of goblets or umbrellas.

3. Traditional Winemaking

At Messina Hof Hill Country, all of our grapes are hand-picked and stomped by foot. We will be processing the entire vineyard on the weekend of our Harvest Festival, August 21st and 22nd, using a traditional style basket press, which squeezes the juices out of the grapes, and we will be going through each winemaking step. We encourage you to come out and watch the process!

4. Fortification

While the Lenoir we pick at the Messina Hof Estate Harvest Festival is made into Port with natural fermentation, the Lenoir at Messina Hof Hill Country is made into Port using the traditional Portuguese-style fortification. This means that we add Brandy.

5. A Personal and Intimate Feel
Our Hill Country Harvest festival sees smaller crowds, allowing you to have a more up-close experience with the Bonarrigo family as they pick and process the grapes right on property.

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You Have Been Picked!

Every Great Summer Story Includes A Glass of Messina Hof…


Our Harvest Festival is kicking off in just one week, and we are feeling very grapeful! Grab joy by the bunches spending a weekend making life-long memories, taking part in a cultural tradition, and supporting our small business. Learn more about the extra safety precautions we’re taking this year, and purchase your tickets now!

Buy tickets to our Harvest Festival now!

Take A Peek Into the Grapeness That Awaits…



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Pick Up Some Grape Knowledge


The wait is almost over! We’re just 2 weeks out from our 43rd annual Harvest Festival, and this season’s fruit is looking ‘Wine in a Million’! At the Messina Hof Estate Vineyard in Bryan, Texas we grow 3 types of grapes: Lenoir, Sagrantino, and Blanc du Bois. In honor of harvest season’s arrival, we’ve put together some facts about each of the grapes we’ll be picking this season. Read below!


• Lenoir grapes are also referred to as Black Spanish grapes.

• Lenoir is grown at the Messina Hof Estate located in Bryan, TX along with Messina Hof Hill Country Winery in Fredericksburg, TX.

• Lenoir thrives in hot, humid environments due to its strong resistance to Pierce’s Disease.

•  Messina Hof Private Reserve Papa Paulo Port, Barrel Reserve Port, Paulo Port, Tawny Port, and Ebony Ports of Call are all made from our Lenoir grapes.


•  Messina Hof’s founder, Paul Vincent, acquired our 1st Sagrantino vine cuttings from the University of California at Davis. The university told Paul they had vines on import marked Primitivo, but DNA tests discovered they were really Sagrantino!

• The vine cuttings were dispersed and planted throughout the Texas High Plains and at Messina Hof Estate in Bryan, Texas.

• Messina Hof was the first Texas winery to produce a Sagrantino with the release of the 2014 vintage of Paulo Sagrantino in 2015.

• Only 3% of Sagrantino grown in the world is grown outside of Italy.

Blanc du Bois

• Blanc du Bois means “White Grape of the Wood,” but it is in no way connected to the woods. Instead, it was created by John Mortensen at the University of Florida, by crossing native Florida grapes with European Vitis Vinifera grapes.

• Blanc Du Bois can be found growing only in the United States, specifically in Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida.

• The citrus acidity and clean finish from this grape allows for perfect pairings with light dishes.

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Party Like It’s 1776

In light of Governor Abbott’s Executive Order issued last week, all of our Tasting Rooms and Wine Bars are closed for on-premise consumption until further notice.

The good news is, by this point, we’ve learned to see the glass as half full, and we feel confident that you can still enjoy a wine-derful 4th of July holiday celebrating one of our favorite vintages — 1776!

In honor of at-home Independence Day celebrations, we’re bringing you 2 delicious, simple recipes — our Messina Hof 4th of July Lemonade Punch and our Shrimp Brochette with Messina Hof Raspberry Gewürztraminer Chipotle Sauce! With our curbside pick-up, discounted shipping, and home delivery options, you can still get your hands on some Messina Hof and make these celebratory recipes!

When life gives you lemons (and closes your favorite Wine Bar), roll with the punches and make  Messina Hof 4th of July Lemonade Punch!

1. Fill a glass 1/4 of the way with ice.
2. Throw in a frozen Bomb Popsicle for some festive flair!
3. Add 3-4 ounces of Messina Hof Sauvignon Blanc, 2 ounces of club soda, and 1 ounce of lemonade.
4. Garnish with a fresh lemon wedge and enjoy!

Of course, we can’t forget about the snacks! Try one of our favorite simple, summer recipes — Shrimp Brochette with Messina Hof Raspberry Chipotle Gewürztraminer Sauce! Tangy, bright, and light, this snack will make fireworks go off way before the night!

Messina Hof Raspberry Chipotle Gewürztraminer
2 pounds of pre-cooked shrimp – large or jumbo size
Fresh jalapeño peppers – sliced and de-seeded
Monterey jack cheese sticks – sliced into smaller pieces
Pre-cooked bacon – 1 slice for each piece of shrimp

1. Stack shrimp, jalapeño slice, and cheese together.
2. Tightly wrap a slice of bacon around each stack.
3. Skewer the wrapped stack with a toothpick and move to a baking sheet.
4. Pour 1 Tablespoon of Messina Hof Raspberry Chipotle Sauce over each piece of shrimp.
5. Place baking sheet under the broiler until cheese is melted and bacon is slightly crispy (approximately 5 minutes).

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NEW Bonarrigo Family Wines

Introducing Bonarrigo Family Wines: Heritage Series
7 Generations And A Legacy Of Ambition


The Bonarrigo Family began making wine in Messina, Sicily over 200 years ago. For Seven Generations, the Bonarrigos have produced wines of passion and heart. The tradition started in Italy, took root in America, and today the family continues crafting soulful wines in Texas while honoring its Italian lineage. We are proud to share our NEW Bonarrigo Family Wines, celebrating our long-standing Italian heritage and family traditions.

These prestigious Old-World style wines are crafted solely from Italian varietals, grown in Texas. Join our table and experience the heart and passion of seven generations of winemaking with each sip. Read below to learn more.

The Bonarrigo Family today. From left to right, Sophia, Paul Anthony, Karen, Paul Mitchell, Paul Vincent, and Merrill.

Historical photo of the Bonarrigo Family.

Heritage Select at the Estate Vineyard in Bryan, TX.

Heritage Reserve at the Estate Vineyard in Bryan, TX.

Bonarrigo Family Wines Heritage Select
A blend of Pinot Grigio and Trebbiano with delicate aromas of honeysuckle and white flowers. Crisp citrus flavors and bright acidity are complemented by smooth tropical flavors and a medium body.

Bonarrigo Family Wines Heritage Reserve
A bold blend of traditional Sagrantino, Primitivo, and Sangiovese with savory nuances of herbs and spice. Beautiful dark fruit flavors and tannins coat the palate with elegant complexity.

Experience the Messina Hof Bonarrigo Family Wine Collection Now.

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In Need of A Grape Time?

The Lenoir grapes have ripened, our photographers are in position, awaiting to snag your Insta-worthy shots, and our stomping grounds have your name written all over them.

Mark your calendars, invite your friends and family, and join us for Messina Hof’s 43rd Annual Harvest Festival at Messina Hof Estate in Bryan, Texas, kicking off July 24th!

Make some unforgettable memories picking and stomping grapes, enjoy our NEW Gourmet Vineyard Cuisine™ Brunch Boxes, take a behind-the-scenes look at our winemaking process, snag some top-notch Big Kahuna photos and a souvenir t-shirt, and be a part of Messina Hof History at this year’s 2020 Harvest Festival.

Things Will Look A Bit Different
Stomping Safely: Harvest 2020 Response to COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, Messina Hof has continued to make the health and safety of our guests and staff our top priority. To ensure the comfort of our guests, we will have the following precautions in place during our Harvest Season:

• Limited guest count for scheduled Daytime, Moonlit, and Specialty Dinners
• Individual stomping bins will be provided
• Hand sanitizing stations
• Limited-contact wine sales and dining
• Face coverings (masks)
• Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of common surfaces
• Daily cleaning and sanitizing of venue spaces
• Encouragement of social distancing

Harvest Festival Events

Daytime Harvest Passes

Harvest Daytime Festival Passes include an orientation, grape picking and stomping in the vineyard, a Big Kahuna Picture Station, a winery tour and tastings, and the option of including a Gourmet Vineyard Cuisine™ Brunch Box to be enjoyed in the Rose Garden, on the Lakeside Deck, or in The Gallery!

Moonlit Harvest Passes

Moonlit Harvest Passes include an evening of grape picking and stomping in the Messina Hof Estate Vineyard and a fabulous Vineyard Cuisine™ buffet dinner with a complimentary wine bar!

Harvest Murder Mystery Dinners

Join us for our Murder at the Juice Joint Murder Mystery Dinner or our Who Killed the Winemaker Murder Mystery Dinner, both led by thematic hosts, who will “set the stage” and guide you through the stories. Not only will you be treated to fabulous three course dinners, but each course will be expertly paired with one of Messina Hof’s award-winning wines. In between each course, each character will be able to interact and collect clues as to who the murderer is… and it could be you. *Dun. Dun. Dun.* If it is you, make sure you’re clever enough to avoid suspicion!

​​​​​​Harvest Cellar Tour & Dinner

Sip a glass of Sparkling Wine, as Messina Hof winemaker and CEO, Paul Bonarrigo leads you around the Estate, teaching you about the history of the Bonarrigo Family and the winery. View antiques, machinery, awards, and images that tell the story of how our winery grew from humble beginnings into being the most awarded winery in Texas. Learn more about growing, fermenting, barrel-aging, and blending our award-winning wines, and even taste wine directly from the tanks! Finally, you will be treated to an appetizer and 3-course meal, paired with award-winning Messina Hof wine in our beautiful, candlelit Cellar Room. Reservations are required and space is limited to 30 people.

Outdoor Gourmet BBQ

Summertime and BBQ are the perfect pairing! Join us for an outdoor gourmet BBQ surrounded by views of Messina Hof’s Estate Vineyard. The evening will feature Texas BBQ with all the fixings, paired with award-winning wines.

Grand Finale Gala

Join Messina Hof for an elegant evening of new wine releases, gourmet Vineyard Cuisine™, and more! Enjoy an exquisite menu, presented by our Vintage House Chef. Paul and Karen Bonarrigo will personally introduce each wine and walk guests through each pairing.

Also, Messina Hof will officially be announcing the winner of The Texas Artist Wine Label Competition that was voted on this past spring!

If you have any questions about our Harvest festival, please e-mail or call (979) 778-9463 ext. 234.

Have a question?

E-mail or check out our website at

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Pour Out Your Appreciation

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st and we can’t wait to raise a glass to Dad! Not sure how to pour out your appreciation? We’ve put together a few Father’s Day gift ideas that he can really sip and savor.

1. (Bryan Exclusive) $25 White Wine S.I.P Survival Kit

As a tribute to Papa, purchase a White Wine S.I.P Survival Kit. Riesling will always be connected to fatherhood in our hearts since it was the first wine made as a collaboration between father and son Winemakers, Paul Vincent and Paul Mitchell Bonarrigo. This package includes 1 bottle of Tribute Series Father and Son Riesling, a wedge of Chipotle Gouda, and Peppered Salami.

2.  A bottle from our Paulo Collection

Our premium Paulo collection salutes all the fathers and sons from whom generations of Bonarrigos have learned so much. Show Dad how thankful you are for the lessons he taught you with a bottle of Paulo. Check out our award-winning Paulo Tempranillo and Paulo Primitivo which were recently re-stocked on our website.

3.  (In-Store Bryan Exclusive) $50 Papa Paulo Pack

Gift the perfect pairing for that perfect Papa in your life with the Papa Paulo Pack. Papa Paulo‘s strong and complex black cherry, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla are elevated by sweet Papa Paulo Port truffles. For $50 dollars, you can give Dad a bottle of our award-winning Port and a box of 8 decadent chocolate truffles.

Call (979) 778-9463 ext. 223 or visit us to purchase a pack today!

Peach Season is Here!

We know there’s nothing quite like the taste of fresh Fredericksburg peaches, so we’ve put together a limited-time Peachy Picnic Pack. For only $25, enjoy a 4-pack of our Winery exclusive, Bubbly Peach Moscato cans (each holding 1.5 glasses of wine!), a canned wine koozie, and a jar of our Vineyard Cuisine™ Peach Moscato jam!

You can find our Peachy Picnic Packs at any of our wineries or online, here!

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Drink Pink! National Rosé Day

June 13th is National Rosé Day!

Call your girlfriends, your significant other, your family, and everyone you know  —  it’s time to drink pink! This Saturday, June 13th, is National Rosé Day, and we are celebrating with a steal of a deal. Enjoy $5 glasses at any of Messina Hof’s Rosés in any of our locations’ tasting rooms this Saturday!

We’re still following all state guidelines and operating at 50% capacity. For more information on our reopening details, click here.

To give you a little taste of what you can taste this National Rosé Day, check out a breakdown of our Rosés below.

1. Mama Rosa Rosé

Mama Rosa Rosé is naturally sweet and has subtle notes of soft rose petals, hibiscus, cherries, and tangerines!

2. Sophia Marie Rosé

Named after the daughter of CEO and Head Winemaker, Paul Mitchell Bonarrigo and his wife, Chief Administrative Officer, Karen Bonarrigo, this dry Rosé is bright, beautiful, and unforgettable, just like the young Sophia Bonarrigo! Enjoy notes of cranberries, rose petals, and ripe raspberries.

3. Canned Rosé

This unique, off-dry Canned Rosé is portable, convenient, and great to pack for on-the-go adventures. Plus, it’s 100% recyclable! Notes of bright strawberries and oranges harmonize together for the perfect sip!

4. Grenache Dry Rosé

Our Grenache Dry Rosé is our lightest bodied Rosé with delicate notes of fresh roses, hibiscus, white strawberries, and tangerines! Check out the label to see one of our past Artist Competition’s winning pieces!

5. Texas Sparkling Rosé

Our Texas Sparkling Rosé is a dry, sparkling wine, layered with refreshing and crisp notes of strawberry, pomegranate, and cranberry.

We can’t wait to see you all for National Rosé Day this Saturday! Cheers!

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